PHD Dissertation Checklist

How to submit your dissertation online with ETD Administrator

  • You will submit your dissertation online using ETD Administrator.
  • You should review form in the individual chapters with the dissertation coordinator when the documents are being reviewed by your advisor and committee. If you wish to graduate in May, you should be prepared to merge and submit the whole document within a week of passing the defense.
  • Download a pdf explaining how to submit using ETD Administrator. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your browser, the pdf will open in a separate window or it will download on your hard drive and you should look for it there.

Agreement Form and Abstract–some points

  • Abstract not longer than 350 words.
  • Permission letters for previously copyrighted materials scanned and ready to upload.
  • A copy of the abstract and title page, signed by your advisor, scanned separately and ready to upload.
  • Your name, in full, on the title page of the work, the abstract, and the Agreement Form.
  • Your name needs to be identical on all documents. The manuscript will be published under the most complete name given, if unclear.
  • Your advisor’s name and title should be clearly indicated.

Manuscript (follow current APA guidelines)

  • Manuscript is double spaced throughout, including titles, quotes, and footnotes.
  • All pages are numbered in sequence.
  • Margins should be 1 inch on all sides
  • Follow APA guidelines for heading styles
  • Follow the dissertation templates for spacing for the title page, etc.
  • Because the manuscript will be reduced in size on microfilm, we recommend that you use Times Roman, 12 pt.
  • Lines on graphs should be identified by labels or symbols rather than colors.
  • Photographs should be high quality images.
  • One copy of manuscript to be given to the dissertation coordinator, with signatures from your advisor and committee, printed one-sided on high-quality, white paper, minimum 20-pound weight, and 8 x 11 in size.
  • One copy scanned, with signatures, and ready to upload to ETD Administrator.

University Style, Movement Trademarks, Service Marks and Legends

  • Consult the University style guide for capitalizing consciousness in Cosmic Consciousness, etc.
  • Consult the University style guide for use of trademarks, service marks and legends. For instance:
    • No service marks needed in the title
    • Add service marks in the abstract, but don’t need to add the legend
    • Add service marks in body of dissertation when they are first introduced and add the legend on the same page as a footnote

Unified Field, Richo Akshare and Validation of Experiences Charts

  • A Unified Field and Richo Akshare chart are required with empirical dissertations; a Validation of Experiences chart is required for some Maharishi Vedic Science dissertations.
  • Use a high quality picture of Maharishi.
  • Show a full picture of the chart.
  • Show the four major sections of the Unified Field chart separately for easier reading, and include a figure title such as: Enlarged upper left-hand section.

Copyright Materials in Dissertation

  • If you include any copyrighted materials, you need written permission from the publisher, to be handed in with the final draft of your manuscript. See copyright page. You should get permission early in the preparation of your dissertation, since it may take some time and there might be fees to consider.

Completed UMI (Proquest) Agreement Form

  • This is included in the ETD Administrator upload.
  • Is a subject classification indicated on the agreement form? If the work is to be copyrighted, is all the appropriate information completed on the agreement form?

Payment including:

  • Publishing service; paper delivery
  • Copyright Service (optional, but strongly recommended to establish your authorship):
  • Xerographic Library bound 8.5 x 11″ copy for Library with committee and supervisor signatures
  • Binding fee for original manuscript, to be kept in University Archives (Check should be made out to dissertation coordinator; money order also accepted)
  • Digitizing for online access (free)
  • Final documents (in Word and in PDF, APA 6th edition style) for ProQuest UMI ETD Administrator upload (see PowerPoint link at top of page on how to upload the file):
    • Online payment for personal copies
    • Title Page
    • Abstract signed by committee
    • Completed Agreement Form
    • Completed Author Discount Order Form
    • Reprint Permission Letters
    • Final order of the Dissertation
    • Microfilm Abstract Title Page
    • Microfilm Abstract
    • Title Page
    • Copyright Page (optional)
    • Certificate of Approval
    • Dedication Page (optional)
    • Epigraph Page (optional)
    • Acknowledgment Page (optional)
    • Abstract
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Tables
    • List of Figures/Plates/Illustrations
    • Text (body of the dissertation)
    • Bibliography/References
    • Appendix (if necessary)

Dissertation Coordinator Contact Information

Please contact the Dissertation Coordinator at least two weeks before your final defense. Contact Dr. Fred Travis,, 472-1209 for more information.