Unified Field Chart

Unified Field Chart

Guidelines for Constructing Unified Field Charts

Elements of the Unified Field Chart (Geoffrey Wells)

  • The left side of the Unified field chart comprehensively displays the scope of an area of knowledge.
  • The areas of knowledge is shown to derive from and to reflect an ultimate foundation of natural law.
    • Subtle to gross: Left to right and bottom to top.
    • There are three columns in the discipline section: rishi (principles), devata (processes) and chhandas (outcome)
  • The right side presents the discovery that the structure of the human mind is parallel to that of knowledge itself.
  • The unified field of natural law discovered by modern physics is identical to the field of pure intelligence—the Self.
  • The unified field is enlivened from within itself
  • The vertical arrow connects the orderliness in society to the orderliness of the unified field
  • The hierarchical levels of knowledge are identified.
  • (Not done in our charts) The visual elements are elaborated on the left and right of the chart. We do this in the text.
  • (Not done in our charts) The application of Maharishi’s technologies to all areas are elaborated on the bottom of the chart. We do this in the text.
  • The unified field chart is titled with the name of the area, a general title, and a specific title related to your dissertation.


  • The text within the Unified Field is standard. Download UFC Template. Edit the slide according to the instructions included in the slide and save it as JPEG or PNG format.
  • You can click on unified field chart template and fonts in the upper right or the bottom.

Constructing Your Unified Field Charts

  • Decide the purpose of your Unified Field Chart
    • Will it display your dissertation or your discipline?
  • Decide on the three main columns: rishi (principles), devata (processes) and chhandas (outcome). Give them a name relevant to your discipline.
  • Begin filling in the boxes.
    • Use the three columns to guide your thinking
    • There should be a progression of subtle to gross from left to right and
      bottom to top.
    • The boxes in each column should be connected across each line.

Checking the Unified Field Charts

  • Look for logical consistency left to right and bottom to top.
    • The bottom left should be the rishi/rishi. The top right should be the
    • This means that Heaven on Earth or Perfect Health cannot be the top