Dissertation Guidelines for PhD Candidates

Congratulations on beginning a PhD program at MIU. Successfully completing a PhD dissertation is a major life achievement that requires a full commitment and a proactive approach on your part. The following pages will help you to meet this responsibility.

To save your time and your adviser’s time: please read all of the information below carefully before you speak with them. Before each step, refer to these materials and ask again if you need clarification.

These guidelines set forth the format and style requirements for PhD dissertations at MIU.

They break down the large task of designing, conducting and writing a dissertation into manageable steps. Also, see the step-by-step checklist that lists the steps you need to accomplish at each stage of your dissertation.

There are also pages that list your responsibilities and the faculty responsibilities during your dissertation. You will be asked to attend a session given by the dissertation coordinator when you begin to write your dissertation. If you have any questions on these points, speak with the head of the PhD program in your department. If you still have questions, contact the Graduate Dean.

Enjoy the process.

Frederick Travis, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School