Style and Formatting Requirements

Dissertation Guidelines

Style and Formatting Requirements

A dissertation is a scholarly output that shows mastery of the abilities to think and write. Part of this process involves following a style of formatting for the manuscript.

All dissertations at MIU use the format recommendations of the current handbook of the American Psychological Association. Be sure to verify that the handbook is current and check during the process for updates in the handbook. Another detailed and helpful resource is provided by the Purdue Online Writing Lab on APA Style.

There are also specific style guidelines used by MIU to standardize capitalization of terms such as “cosmic consciousness” or “coherence-creating groups.” This document includes specific guidelines for quoting and referencing Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Regarding using the works of others, be aware of the limits of fair use for academic institutions and be familiar with copyright law. Pictures or figures are automatically protected by copyright law. You must get permission before using the material–and some publishers want a substantial amount of money for letting you use the figure or image; think in terms of creating your own materials, but if you must use an image, write for permission as soon as possible. We have also provided a summary of copyright law and issues to help you know when you need permission.