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Library Services for DE and on-campus classes

  • We can show your class how to use our databases and academic search engines to find reliable information for their research. We can also teach them about APA style, TM research, and other topics that will let their paper stand out. A quick book order service for faculty is also available.
  • We can deliver our presentations in person, as a Zoom presentation, or a pre-recorded video. You can choose the format and length that suits your class best.
  • Contact us now at or call at 641-472-1154 to request a presentation for your class.

Research Support for students

  • We can assist you with your research whether you’re studying online or on-campus. We can help you find, evaluate, and cite sources for your assignments.
  • You can reach us by email at, by phone at 641-472-1154, request a Zoom presentation, or in person at the information desk in the library. We’re always happy to help.